Me Before You (2016)


Me Before You is a film about a 26 year old lady named Lousia Clarke that got let go from her job at a local bakery and a 31 year old man William Traynor that gets hit by a motocycle, leaving him paralyzed. Louisa gets a job as a caregiver for Will and at first they can’t stand each other, but Lou who needs the money and who is determined to make Will’s life better, makes friend out of him. Over time, Will falls in love with Lou, even though she has a boyfriend. With time, Lou falls in love with Will despite his deficits.

At times this film is eye-rollingly cheesy, funny, heartwarming, and tearjerking. Parts of this movie have the typical romantic comedy scenes and lines, but there are parts that will make smile, laugh and cry. Although, I find this movie better than most rom-coms, I do find it way better than any film based off a Nicolas Sparks book. The theme of this movie is somewhat close to The Fault in Our Stars, except there only being one disabled character, but both are about over coming the odds and loving someone despite their flaws.

Emilia Clarke to me was a great choice (although I didn’t read the book) for Louisa Clark and Sam Claflin to me at times did out act Emilia, even though his was in a wheelchair most of the movie. Maybe it was because he has more movie experience than her or maybe it was because when people think of Emilia Clarke, they automatically think Game of Thrones. Emilia did make Lou quirky and cute, but also fairly annoying when she would talk to much and too fast.

This film is based off Jojo Moyes’ book of the same name, that became an instant bestseller as soon as hit shelves and when the film adaptation hit theaters, fans flocked to ticket booths and the movie was eventually sold out. Despite doing well in box offices, it didn’t do well critics. But even though most big wigs don’t the movie, there are still people that do.

To me this a good date movie. 3.5/5


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