Enchanted (2007)



Enchanted is a 2007 Disney live-action/animated musical fantasy romantic comedy film starring Amy Adams, Patrick Dempsey, James Marsden, Timothy Spall, Idina Menzel, Rachel Covey. This film is a self-parody of Disney’s animated features and makes numerious references to past Disney features through live-action, traditional animation and computer generated imagery.

In the animated fairy tale kingdom of Andalasia, the evil Queen Narissa schemes to protect her claim to the throne, which she will lose once her stepson, Prince Edward, finds his true love and marries her. She enlists her loyal henchman Nathaniel to keep Edward distracted. Giselle, a young woman, dreams of meeting a prince and experiencing a “happy ever after”. Edward hears Giselle singing and sets off to find her. Nathaniel sets free a captured troll to kill Giselle, but Edward rescues her in time. When they meet, they instantly fall in love and plan to get married the following day.

Narissa, disguised as an old hag, intercepts Giselle on her way to the wedding and pushes her into a well, where she is magically transformed into a 3D live-action version of herself and transported to a manhole in New York City’s Times Square. Giselle quickly becomes lost. Meanwhile, Robert, a divorce lawyer, prepares to propose to his long time girlfriend Nancy, although his daughter Morgan isn’t too keen on the idea. Robert and Morgan encounter Giselle on their way home, and Robert begrudgingly allows Giselle to stay the night at their apartment at the insistence of Morgan, who instantly trusts Giselle.

Narissa sends Nathaniel to follow and impede Edward. In a restaurant, Narissa appears to Nathaniel in a soup pot and gives him three poisoned apples to murder Giselle. Meanwhile, after Giselle summons vermin to clean Robert’s apartment, Nancy arrives to take Morgan to school. She meets Giselle and then angrily leaves assuming Robert was unfaithful. Robert is initially upset but spends the day with Giselle, knowing she is vulnerable in the city. Giselle questions Robert about his relationship with Nancy and helps the pair reconcile by sending Nancy an invitation to the “King and Queen’s Costume Ball” at the Woolworth Building. She also begins to win Robert over with her sunny disposition and optimism, even inadvertently helping one of his clients reconcile with his wife.

After searching thoughout the city, Edward finds Giselle in Robert’s apartment. While Edward is eager to take Giselle home to Andalasia and marry, she insists that they should first go on a date to get to know each other, still unsure about her feelings. Giselle promises to return to Andalasia after ending their date at the ball, which Robert and Nancy also attend. Robert and Giselle share a dance with each other, with both Edward and Nancy noticing their obvious attraction to each other. Narissa appears as the old hag and offers the last poisoned apple to Giselle, promising “sweet dreams and happy endings.” Giselle takes a bite and falls to the floor unconscious.

Narissa attempts to escape with Giselle’s body but is stopped by Edward. Nathaniel, realizing Narissa was using him and never loved him, reveals her plot. Robert realizes that true love’s kiss (something Giselle often discussed) is the only force powerful enough to break the apple’s spell. After Edward’s kiss fails to wake Giselle, he prompts Robert to do so instead. Robert kisses her just as the clock strikes twelve, Giselle awakens and the whole crowd cheers, with everyone else believing that the situation is a staged event for the ball. Narissa, however, furiously transforms into a giant blue dragon and takes Robert hostage, prompting much panic throughout the crowd. Giselle takes Edward’s sword and pursues Narissa to the top of the building. Pip, who was freed by Edward, helps Giselle successfully defeat Narissa, who falls off of the building to her death and explodes into magic glitter on impact.

This a fun, funny, charming and heartwarming film. Amy Adams is perfect as Giselle and James Marsden is equally as great as Edward. Patrick Dempsey, who really isn’t a very good actor to me (not even on Grey’s Anatomy) is just okay in his role as Robert. Idina Menzel, who only had a small role in this movie, was just average, she’s not a great actress in my opinion, but she can sing (like in Frozen). Timothy Spall did a rather good job as Nathaniel, making him seem naive and evil at the same time, but not perfectly, there were times when Timothy seemed to be overacting. Susan Sarandon was did well as Narissa, making her evil, somewhat scary and self-centered.

This film will make you want to sing, dance, smile, laugh and gasp at times. The transition from animation to live-action is superb and I haven’t seen a film like this, that is this good since Who Framed Roger Rabbit? You won’t get bored with this one. This is not a typical Disney princess story where  the damsel in distress marries a prince. In this story, the heroine and the non-prince (a lawyer) meet by chance and fall in love. The non-prince falls in love with her despite her naivete, her unrealistic expectations about life and love and frilly wardrobe. She falls in love with him despite the fact he is not a prince, he lives in a big city, has a daughter and is a lawyer. This shows that you love a person, not because they are perfect, but because they are not.

This is a wonderful movie for ages 6 & up. This is also a great date and family film. 3.5/5


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