To the Bone (2017)


To the Bone is a 2017 American drama film written and directed by Marti Noxon. The film stars Lily Collins, Keanu Reeves, Carrie Preston, Lili Taylor, Alex Sharp, Liana Liberato, Brooke Smith and Ciara  Bravo. The movie follows a girl (Ellen) as she battles anorexia. It was released worldwide on Netflix on July 14, 2017.

The film is about a 20-year old girl named Ellen who is a college dropout that returns home to the house of her father and stepmother after struggling through an inpatient program and failing to make any progress. With her father absent and his unwillingness to deal with her, Ellen’s stepmother Susan sets her up with a specialist, Dr. William Beckham, who insists that Ellen join his inpatient program. Ellen is hesitant to go, but her mind changed by her younger sister.

Ellen moves into the house with six other patients that include five women and Luke, a cheerful ballet dancer who is near recovery on both his anorexia and a knee injury. Luke acts more like the man of the house and a cheerleader for the other patients and takes a special interest in Ellen.

Ellen makes headway, changing her name to Eli and hangs with the other members of the house. She is surprised however when Luke kisses her and admits he is falling in love with her. She panics and quickly rejects him. Later on, she finds out that Megan, another house member who was pregnant, miscarried her baby. The circumstance sends Eli into a plunge and she decides to run away. Luke begs her to stay, telling her he needs her as he realizes that his knee injury is permanent and he will never be able to dance again and needs something to focus on. Eli leaves anyway.

Near death Eli goes to her mother’s house. After waking up from dream where she kisses Luke and he tells her how sick she is, she decides to continue Beckham’s inpatient program.

This movie is an eye opener for anyone who has gone through or know someone who has gone through an eating disorder. Lily agreed to do the film, because she herself has struggled with anorexia. This film really hit home for me, because both my sister and I have struggled with eating disorders, bullemia to be exact. This movie was great because I could understand from someone else’s point of view who was dying to be thin.

I really enjoyed this movie. Most of the actresses did a good job, but Lily Collins, Keanu Reeves, Carrie Preston, and Alex Sharp really stood out to me, giving great performances throughout the entire film. This movie is also great to me, because anyone who doesn’t know much or anything at all about eating disorders, can learn how a person that has one lives and feels and all the treatments they have to go through to be healthy again.

Eating disorders are a serious illness, and although this film only shows young adults, anyone of any age can have them. I think the world needs more movies like this. 4.5/5


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