The Graduate (1967)

A1668035-14CD-4396-B28E-0961BC89AAE1The Graduate is an American romantic comedy drama film directed by Mike Nichols, based on the book of the same name by Charles Webb. It’s about 21 year old college graduate Benjamin Braddock who was wooed by an older woman named Mrs. Robinson, the falls in love with her daughter Elaine. Dustin Hoffman plays Benjamin, Anne Bancroft is Mrs. Robinson and Katherine Ross is Elaine. The soundtrack to the film is Simon and Garfunkel.

This film, although racy (even today), was the first to show a young man and an older woman sleeping together. Even though this film was critically acclaimed, it was also very controversial. Conservatives did not like the idea of two people many years apart sleeping together or the seductiveness of Mrs. Robinson. Hoffman has starred in two other even more controversial movies, Midnight Cowboy and Straw Dogs. 

To me, this is film shows both a college graduate finding his way in life and how an older woman can have seductive power over a young man. Both Hoffman and Bancroft portrayed their characters exceptionally well. There could have been less bedroom scenes with them, and Benjamin could have been portrayed a little less naive, but the both stood out. Katherine Ross does fairly well job as Elaine, although her role isn’t nearly as big.

The theme song, “Mrs. Robinson” fits this film perfectly. The entire soundtrack goes well with this story.

This film is provocative, funny, can make you angry at times and at times bleak, but all directed outstandingly. One of the greatest films I have ever seen and it is a must watch before you die. 13+ 5/5


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