Annie Hall (1977)


Annie Hall is a 1977 American romantic comedy film directed by Woody Allen. The film stars the director as Alvy “Max” Singer a comedian trying to figure out the reasons why his relationship with the titular Annie Hall (Diane Keaton) keeps failing.

This film is Allen’s most well known piece of work, often cited as his best. Alvy is portrayed as a neurotic Jewish comedian that falls in love with Nightclub singer Annie Hall, a story that is equal parts romantic and funny. The two have an odd on again, off again relationship, making the film more realistic than most rom-coms. It is definitely one of Allen’s calmer movies, that not only expresses passion, like the scene where they kiss on New York park bench, but struggling, both mentally, physically and psychologically, like in the scene where they are both shown with psychologists getting physchoanalysis.

The film starts out as Alvy telling of his childhood and and how it started with females, like when he kisses a girl in school. He then tells of his strict Jewish parents and growing up in that religion, the good and not so good and the trouble he got into.

Alvy is identified as a stereotypical neurotic male Jew and Annie that comes from a WASP-y family. In one scene when Alvy is dining with Annie’s family, she tells him that her grandmother hates Jews and he imagines himself as a Hasidic Jew complete with a big hat and payess, for only a few seconds. This was intended not to be offensive, but rather show the uncomfortableness and difference of the two religions and Alvy as well. It is done cleverly and is a very important and iconic scene in the film. Though the two have differences in religion and some opinions, they still manage to somehow come back to each other, whether for a good reason or not.

This movie shows that not all relationships are perfect and that some people were not meant to be together after all. But it also shows that the fighting for who you love, shown throughout the film by the main character.

There are many funny and iconic scenes in this movie as well, like the lobster cooking and the spider killing scenes.  Many parts in this work of art, will make you happy with joy, others angry and sad, but all done, not in a predictable way like many romantic comedies, but unexpectedly and outstandingly and at times cleverly. This film will not leave you bored or wanting more. You’ll enjoy it to the end, like I do every time.

Such a wonderful piece this is with one of the most iconic movie characters of all time Annie Hall, who started a fashion trend that females still imitate today. An androgynous type of style making menswear chic, she will always be a fictional fashionista, with or hate look, making her a true badass. She also will always be inspirational, proving that tomboys can be sexy.

Overall, I will say this is one of my favorite movies of all time, that never fails to take every emotion out me and remind me to fight for who or what I love and to simply just be yourself, because there’s bound to be someone who will fall in love with you just as you are. A truly one of a kind love film, both men and women will enjoy. 13+ 5/5


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