Classic of the Week: A Hard Day’s Night (1964)


A Hard Day’s Night is a 1964 British musical comedy film directed by Richard Lester and starring the band The Beatles during the height of Beatlemania. The film shows several days in the life of the band.

This a very fun and funny film filled with some of the band’s most well known and beloved songs. It is filled not just with their great music, but also lots of quirky humor mixed with British terms and the guys’ Liverpool accents. It also shows how huge Beatlemania was in Britain, even though it was spectacular around the world.  Now these guys weren’t very good actors, but they were great performers and great at cutting up and making people laugh.

This film is one that will keep you singing, toe tapping, snapping and laughing. It is never boring and although the acting isn’t that good, the humor and music make up for it. The performances and the audiences in this film are real, not sure if the female fans overreacting is, but that is how they really acted in real life. The Beatles were and still are huge. Everyone knows them, because they are the most famous band of all time and this film doesn’t do their music justice.

Throughout this film, the guys get into trouble, as well as Paul’s grandfather and there is lots of slapstick humor and flirting. There is also some adult innuendos that most kids probably won’t understand, like when John says Paul’s grandfather is sex-obsessed and when Paul puts a bottle of cola up his nose and sniffs, implying “snorting coke.” But the people in this film, particularly the boys, talk pretty fast, so its all pretty easy to to miss. There is also smoking throughout, but that is because it was the 1960s and just about everyone smoked then, this might need to be explained to kids.

This a very entertaining film, that any Beatles fan will enjoy. All I can say about this one is, FUN! FUN! LOTS OF FUN! 8+ 5/5


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