The Greatest Showman (2017)



The Greatest Showman is a 2017 American musical film directed by Michael Gracey. It stars Hugh Jackman, Michelle Williams, Zac Efron, Rebecca Ferguson and Zendaya. This film follows the story of P.T. Barnum’s creation of Barnum & Bailey and the lives of the circus stars.

This film is filled with fun songs and choreography. Although a few of the songs are repeated throughout the film and a few are a bit cheesy in my opinion, they are all exciting, catchy, and easy to learn and several are accompanied by wonderful dance routines. Every single person in the film is outstanding. They all really bring the story to life.

Although, personally I condemn animal entertainment, so I was hesitant to see this film at first, but I’m very glad I gave in and gave this one a shot, because it is a very good film. It is wildly entertaining, funny at times and romantic. You let out every emotion watching this film. Is it a family movie? Somewhat, it does have kissing, abuse, drinking, some foul language and racism. So, I would say this film is better suited for older kids, because younger ones might get frightened by some of the scenes and/or question some of the subject matter.

Being a huge fan of musicals, I wish I would have been more excited to see this one and concentrate more on the story and singing and dancing, than the animal stuff. Despite all that, I really did enjoy this film a lot. The only negatives I have are, I wish that songs weren’t repeated so much, there was more acting and a few of the songs a little less cheesy.

Is this one of the best musicals I’ve ever seen? Sort of. But it is still a fun-filled film, that any musical lover will enjoy. You never get bored, because you find yourself tapping your feet to the music. The scenery, choreography and costumes and makeup are extraordinary. But this film is quite far from being as good as old musicals like Singin’ in the Rain. It does uphold in bringing a smile at times. You may cry as well during some parts and laugh at other times. Never a dull moment in this entire film. Even the president himself Mr. Trump, enjoyed this film, giving it two thumbs up.

This film would make a great Broadway production, although I can’t see actual animals on stage. Overall this a well done and fascinating picture. 3.5/5


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