Love, Gilda (2018)



Love, Gilda is a 2018 American-Canadian documentary film directed and co-produced by Lisa Dapolito. The film is about American comedian Gilda Radner. It uses diaries, audio tapes, home movies and interviewing of some of her closest friends at that time, as well as other famous people that have been greatly influenced by her.

Gilda Radner is most known for being on Saturday Nght Live with her two most famous characters Roseanne Roseannadanna and Baba Wawa, a parody of Barbara Walters. But before SNL, she did stand up in her hometown of Detroit and then joined National Lampoon. Her career soared on SNL and then Broadway where she had a one woman show. She did have some downs in her life as well, when her contract ran out with SNL, she suffered a miscarriage with husband actor Gene Wilder and was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, which she died from. Her legacy lives on though and she has become a huge inspiration and influence on comedians and actors and actresses today.

This film is wonderful because it starts out from when she was born, right up until the day she died. It is neat getting to hear from her friends and family and celebrity fans. Seeing clips of her performing is amazing and you can tell she loved it. She always loved to make people laugh. She was a one of a kind person. You learn all about her life from her miscarriage, to her eating disorder, to her cancer diagnosis. She was truly a wonderful person and always loved to make people laugh and smile.

This is one of the best documentaries I have seen in years. It is great in every way and worthy of an Emmy and Golden Globe award. This is the true story of one of the funniest people of all time. Two thumbs up! 18+ 5/5


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