Ideal Home (2018)


Ideal Home is a 2018 American comedy drama film directed by Andrew Fleming and starring Steve Coogan, Paul Rudd, Alison Pill, Jake McDorman and Jack Gore.

The story is about Erasmus (Coogan) and Paul (Rudd), a gay couple whose life is completely changes when a ten year old boy shows up at their door claming to be Erasmus’s grandson. The boy’s father, who is supposedly Erasmus’s son from a drunk one night stand, winds up in jail for drug usage and selling, alcoholism, drunk driving and child endangerment. The boy escapes when police come to arrest to his dad. Paul and Erasmus become parents to Angel (aka Bill).

This is not a film for super conservatives, because of the homosexual theme, but one for open minded non conservatives that don’t judge sexuality, marriage or family types. It shows that love and families come in different forms.

This film deals with tough issues like alcoholism, drug abuse and child negligence. Lots of inappropriate language is said and inappropriate things done around Bill, that make a good portion of this film really offensive. Bill does pick up on the language, which also adds bad parenting to the list of tough issues. But once you get passed all the hard stuff, the film gets worlds better. Paul and Erasmus learn how to become parents and at first are horrible at it, but then they get better as the film goes on.

This film starts out with the really hard stuff like what happens to Bill’s dad and the language and adult scenes are quite a bit over the top, but it progrosses into a heartwarming story, that teaches that families are all different and that love is love. Steve Coogan is absolutely perfect in his role as Erasmus Brumble, Bill’s grandfather and a TV chef and Paul Rudd is great in his role as Paul Morgan, Erasmus’s director and long-term partner. This film is filled humor, particularly from Coogan. This one is only somewhat warm and fuzzy, but it it’s not altogether terrible, given the great cast. It’s not a must see, but I’d still recommend it to anyone with an open mind. 18+ 3/5


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