Opinion Post: Do Superhero Films Deserve to be Best Pic Nominated?

Superhero films are continually all the rage in Hollywood. With special effects for special characters, a top 40 sounding soundtrack, it makes for an awesome experience at the theater or at home. But almost all of them seem to be either mostly action and very little story, or too much of both. With Disney owning Marvel now, the majority of superohero flicks are produced by them, leaving DC in the cold. Marvel makes more money and has won more awards. Have hero films gotten bad, not necessesarily, but most are average at best and it seems like a joke to put it in the Best Picture catergory against great films like Green Book and A Star is Born. Sure, there is an audience that think it’s only fair to nominate superhero films for Best Pic too. But is there any merit from these movies? Do we learn anything? Are they important films like Schindler’s List? No. They may have great effects, costumes and soundtrack, but does that mean it should be in the running for Best Picture? There are always going to be more worthy films. To go from watching a Marvel or DC film to a biopic, it seems like a joke once again. Although the hero one may be more entertaining, that shouldn’t be more important than merit, story, meaning, education, or powerfullness. A realistic story in film has been Proven to have a lasting impact. People remember more from The Godfather than The Dark Knight. Overall, I believe that movies with meaning and depth should be nominated and films like Black Panther should stay out. But to each their own.


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