Classic of the Week: Valley Girl (1983)



Valley Girl is a 1983 romantic comedy film directed by Martha Coolidge and starring Nicolas Cage, Deborah Foreman, Michelle Meyrink, Elizabeth Daily Cameron Dye and Michael Bowen. The plot of this film is loosely based Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. 

Julie Richman is a Valley girl who seems to have it all: good looks, a good looking Valley boyfriend, Tommy, popularity, but she has second thoughts about her relationship with her selfish and pompous boyfriend. After shopping with her friends, she returns to Tommy and breaks up with him. Later, at the Beach, she notices a young man checking her out.

That night, at her friend Suzi’s house, she ends up locking eyes with Randy, a punk from Hollywood, who came to crash the party with his friend Fred. They hit off, especially after Julie realizes he’s the man from the beach. Tommy gets jealous and tries to sleep with Loryn. He fails and tries to get his pals to kick Randy and Fred out of the house. Randy sneaks back in, hiding in an upstairs bathroom. When Julie enters, he convinces her to leave with him. Julie brings her friend Stacy with them. While at a Hollywood nightclub, Julie and Randy grow closer.

Julie’s friends don’t approve of her relationship with Randy and convince her to get back with Tommy. She ends up dumping Randy. Heartbroken, he gets very drunk, makes out with his ex-girlfriend and nearly gets into a fight with a gang before Fred saves him. After Randy hangs around the Valley, to get a glance of Julie, Fred says he has a plan to get him and Julie back together and get revenge against Tommy.

This film is romantic and funny at times. It makes you sad, angry and smile. The modern Shakespearean style story makes it even better when combined with  romance and humor with drama and new wave music from the early eighties. The music from this film is absolutely perfect. Most people know Modern English’s “I Melt With You,” as pretty much the the film’s theme song.

Nicolas Cage is superb as Randy, so is Deborah Foreman as Julie Richman. The actors’ and characters’ chemistry is great and together they make both roles together absolutely perfect. This is the perfect date film in every way. Not one bad thing about this film, because it is perfect and so special, that not many other romantic comedies come even close to being as wonderful as this one. Cage’s and Foreman’s characters are so iconic, that trying to recreate them is nearly impossible. This film screams eighties greatness and it has stood the test of time, being one, if the best rom-coms of all time. It has it’s share of sadness, that turns to bliss. This film is both heartbreaking and heartwarming. A fantastic motion picture all around. 18+ 4.5/5


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